Why is DARWIN only?

Constantly pursue product quality control and improvement and obtain a number of quality recognition, such as the quality and safety standards of European national certified products CE....etc., the quality of products is exported to the world and become the leading brand of vacuum pump and equipment at home and abroad.


DARWIN' products have the best quality assurance.Not only having the precise inspections to dedicate the superior quality throughout the production, all of the DARWIN’s products also have the CE quality assurance approvals.


DARWIN promise:DARWIN do everything with integrity, honesty and transparency.DARWIN are dedicated to solving our customers’ needs proficiently and courteously.DARWIN will help customer check the problems,and Solve the problems .


Global service:For overseas service and maintenance, overseas customers will provide necessary assistance or services as needed.DARWIN's solid manufacturing experience has become a leader in vacuum pump manufacturing in Taiwan. DARWIN has agents in many industrial countries such as Europe, America and Japan, and is also an OEM partner of the company.

About us

Darwin has been specializing in Vacuum Pump for more than 30 years and is well-experienced in Oil less (Carbon vane)vacuum pump, Piston vacuum pump, Standard vacuum pump, Direct vacuum pump, Rotary vane vacuum pump and Liquid vacuum pump; moreover, we also provide Vacuum system and Accessories/Parts for pumps. Darwin always has good performance on product development and system planning for vacuum pump. The company was established on 1978. At the beginning.........

Product application range

In view of the vigorous development of automation and semi-automatic machinery, vacuum pumping is widely used. For example, printing, film, adsorption, semiconductor, medical, laboratory, beauty, solar photovoltaic, LED, PCB, etc. are all indispensable in the use of vacuum pumping. In 2007, the piston vacuum pump and vacuum system customization plan was launched.

Paper and printing

Pharmaceutical and packaging

Automatic and equipment

Solar panels and green energy

Medical and chemical experiments


Aerospace and transportation logistics


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