About Us

Darwin Pump History

Darwin has been specializing in Vacuum Pump for more than 30 years and is well-experienced in Oil less (Carbon vane)vacuum pump, Piston vacuum pump, Standard vacuum pump, Direct vacuum pump, Rotary vane vacuum pump and Liquid vacuum pump; moreover, we also provide customize Vacuum system and Accessories/Parts for pumps.

Darwin always has good performance on product development and system planning for vacuum pump. The company was established on 1978. At the beginning, we were developing on rotary and oil-free vacuum pump. However, automated industry, semiconductor industry and the other similar industries had become more popular in Taiwan. Then, we started developing series type vacuum pump DS-2.2 and high flow vacuum pump DS-8E. We have always kept enhancing our production and manufacturing more creative product. In 2010, we started using DARWIN as our international trading name, and providing the best service to all the customers around the world.

Company Concept

DARWIN Vacuum Industry Company has been manufacturing vacuum pump equipment for more than 30 years. The company is strict with quality controlled and creative development. Moreover, in the modern industry, enhancing the demands and techniques in automatic equipments reduces human resource and defective goods. DARWIN use automatic machines to control precisely for the vacuum pump technique in order to reinforce the demands on automation. Darwin can always offer relative technology assistance, knowledge and equipment. The company has great experience in this field and believe will provide the best service for customers.